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Concrete Repair

THE T-SET(M) SDN.BHD provide repair and protection services for concrete, mansonry and steel structures.

The keys to concrete repair include removing all deteriorated concrete, exposing corroded re-in forcing, steel surface prep of exposed steel and concrete, proper treatment of the bond lines, and application of an appropriate patching material with similar properties to the original concrete.

Structural Strengthening

External modification is typically adding the strengthening materials under the existing slab. This is usually cheaper, but may reduce the usable headroom substantially.

External strengthening methods include adding structural steel beams, post tension cables and newer composite materials such as carbon fiber cloth or strips. These can be used in combination using each material where it has the best application. Working with an experienced structural engineering and strengthening contractor who is certified to install the latest high strength materials will lead to the most cost effective strengthening project.
Beam and slab strengthening.   Slab strengthening   Beam strengthening.   Epoxy injection into M.S steel plate & concrete bonding.

Carbon Fiber Strengthening

A new technology developed , is now being applied to the retrofitting and strengthening of concrete structures. The technology to strengthen concrete structures externally with carbon fiber cloth or strips introduced a whole new tool to engineers. In the past, steel beams typically had to be installed underneath slabs to increase capacity of existing slabs. These beams reduced head room between floors, and provided no flexibility in retrofits with mechanical and electric components suspended from the existing ceilings. In some cases, carbon fiber strengthening can be designed to be installed around much of the existing utilities.
Carbon Fiber strip strengthening to slab.   Carbon Fiber strip strengthening to column.        

Polyurethane Foam Grout Injection

Foam Grout is a based isocyanine which transforms into a semi-rigid polyurethane foam when in contact with water. This water reactive grout is specially designed and formulated for injection into leaking concrete, masonry,brickwork or concrete expansion joint to stop the flow of water. The material contains no solvents and as such is non-flammable and easily applied.
Expansion Joint   Culvert   Before   After

Epoxy / Grouting Injection

Epoxy Injection addresses the structural concerns by acting as a glue-like substance in the crack. This is commonly used in structures that incurred a one time loading or movement event. This type of repair will not be effective in areas of repetitive thermal movement induced cracks.

Either technology is a much an art as a science. The key to success is in the hands of the craftsman performing the work. T-SET (M) SDN.BHD is proud of our personnel and the grouting and injection experience they bring to our team, and your project.

Fire Protection Specialist

  • Fire Protection for penetrations passing through floors, walls, ductwork etc., up to 4 hours fire resistance.
  • Fire Barrier Services are approved with all leading manufacturers, some are listed below :
    • HILTI
    • PROMAT
Fire stop system (cushion type)   Fire Mortar & rock wool        
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